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  • spierbenamingen.

    Ooit wel eens willen weten waar de latijnse spierbenamingen vandaan komen.

    Names of the skeletal muscles

    Most skeletal muscles have Latin names that describe some feature of the muscle; Often several criteria are combined into one name. The following are some terms relating to muscle features that are used in naming muscles.

    Size: vastus (huge); maximus (large); longus (long); minimus (small); brevis (short).

    Shape: deltoid (triangular); rhomboid (like a rhombus with equal and parallel sides); latissimus (wide); teres (round); trapezius (like a trapezoid, a four-sided figure with two sides parallel).

    Direction of fibers: rectus (straight); transverse (across); oblique (diagonally); orbicularis (circular).

    Location: pectoralis (chest); gluteus (buttock or rump); brachii (arm); supra- (above); infra- (below); sub- (under or beneath); lateralis (lateral).

    Number of origins: biceps (two heads); triceps (three heads); quadriceps (four heads).

    Origin and insertion: sternocleidomastoideus (origin on the sternum and clavicle, insertion on the mastoid process); brachioradialis (origin on the brachium or arm, insertion on the radius).

    Action: abductor (moves parts of the body away from parts nearby); adductor (moves parts of the body toward parts nearby); flexor (causes a joint to bend); extensor (causes a joint to straighten); levator (lifts a structure); masseter (usied in chewer).
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    Interessant. Zal het morgen nader bestuderen, ben nu te moe.
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